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Dedicated IPs used to set-up Name Servers?

Q. I get dedicated IPs with my VPS which will be used to set-up nameservers, So will I be provided the IPs designated for my VPS? And then, with my domain registrar I register new nameservers with the IPs provided?

Ans. Dedicated IP’s can be used to set-up nameservers. Your VPS hosting plan includes 2 Dedicated IP Addresses, which can be used for your websites, as well as for private nameservers. Private nameservers as per your requirements like “” and “” instead of the default ones like “” and “”. This allows you to brand your services, and also allows you to have full control over your DNS. If you resell hosting on your VPS, private nameservers allow full transparency of the web hosting service, so your clients do not see our name at all when they use your service.

Once you order the VPS with us, the login details regarding your IP’s will be forwarded to you at your primary email address after your VPS is configured/setup. Thereafter you can assign your private nameservers to the allocated IP’s.

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